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DeFOREST offers a wide variety of specialty surfactants, gelling agents, emulsifiers, and corrosion inhibitors for use in Industrial & Institutional formulations.

Our specialty surfactants are used in extremely challenging formulation environments including chlorinated and highly alkaline or acidic systems. Our emulsifiers will easily emulsify D’Limonene and other difficult-to-emulsify solvents, and our low foaming surfactants will enhance the performance of CIP or high pressure spray cleaners.

Chlorine & Peroxide Stable Surfactants

DeTERGE CS-45LF: An economical, low foaming, chlorine stable surfactant for use in alkaline systems only. Stable in alkaline electrolytes and in up to 15% active caustics. Promotes detergency, wetting and has excellent hard water stability. Not stable in acid systems.

DeTROPE SA-45A multifunctional, low foaming, chlorine stable hydrotrope that also provides wetting and corrosion inhibition properties. May allow for lower use levels of other ingredients and possibly a lower number of overall ingredients in the formulation.

DeTERGE NAS: A moderate foaming alkyl sulfate; stable in chlorine bleach as well as hydrogen peroxide. Readily biodegradable.

DeMOX CSG-30 ECO: a specialty amine oxide used to create clear, aqueous gels of sodium hypochlorite (alkaline systems) or hydrogen peroxide (acid systems). Also provides excellent wetting. Readily biodegradable.

Low Foaming Acid & Alkaline Stable Surfactants

DeTERIC CSP-50: A low foam amphoteric surfactant recommended to reduce the surface tension of 50% active caustic soda or 45% active caustic potash. Produces low, quick breaking foam, provides detergency, wetting, and surface tension reduction. DeTERIC CSP-50 is recommended for highly alkaline CIP cleaners as it maintains good color stability in strong caustic formulations, is hard water stable, and inherently biodegradable.

DeTERGE LF Series:  Multifunctional, low foam surfactants that provide detergency, wetting, and hydrotroping properties.  Recommended for use as the sole surfactant in highly alkaline systems, thereby eliminating the need for additional wetting agents, nonionics, or hydrotropes. DeTERGE LF-7315 is also stable in acids.

DeTERGE AN508-LF: A moderate foaming amphoteric surfactant used in high alkaline or acid systems. Good wetting and hydrotroping properties and stable in up to 30% active KOH.

To learn more about these products, please refer to our Unique Low Foaming Products page.

High Foaming Acid & Alkaline Stable Surfactants

DeTERIC LP, sodium lauriminodipropionate, CAS#14960-06-6 is a high foaming, salt-free amphoteric surfactant providing excellent detergency, wetting, and emulsifying properties. DeTERIC LP exhibits corrosion inhibition properties in acids as well as in hard water. Readily biodegradable.

DeTERIC CP-Na-38 is a higher activity and higher foaming amphoteric vs. DeTERIC LP. It has excellent alkaline and acid stability. Readily biodegradable.

DeCONC I-100 is a high foaming, 100% active surfactant concentrate which can be diluted up to 6:1 with water to produce viscous liquid detergents. May also be used to formulate powdered products as it does not contain water.

DeTERGE AT-100 is suggested as a thickening and gelling agent in acid systems. Produces detergency and wetting and is an outstanding emulsifier. Recommended for use in viscous toilet bowl cleaners, acid pickling, vertical surface detergents, acid corrosion inhibitors, emulsion cleaners and down-hole oil field applications.

DeMULS DLN Series: D’Limonene Emulsifiers

DeMULS DLN series of emulsifiers were developed to easily emulsify D’Limonene. Their versatility allows the formulator to produce microemulsion concentrates with clear or cloudy dilutions in water. Cold-process D’Limonene gels can also be produced that provide vertical cling.

Please visit our D’Limonene Emulsifiers page for additional information.

Solvent Emulsifiers

DeMULS KE-75 is a specialty emulsifier for petroleum distillates, kerosene and other solvents. This moderate to high foaming, non-phenolic emulsifier is recommended for use in hard surface cleaners and degreasers, solvent based paint strippers, and other industrial cleaning applications. Readily biodegradable.

DeMULS SGE-95 is an easy-to-use emulsifier for soy, canola, and rapeseed methyl esters. Will produce clear and opaque emulsions. Readily biodegradable.

DeIONIC LF Series: Low Foam Wetting Agents

A group of nonionic alkoxylated alcohols which are non-gelling when added to water and provide numerous properties including detergency, dispersancy, defoaming, alkaline and/or acid and hard water stability, low VOC and cost effective. They are APE, fluorocarbon and silicone free.

Please refer to our Nonionic Surfactants / Wetting Agents page for additional information.

DeIONIC C-18: For Solid Block Detergents

DeIONIC C-18 is a highly ethoxylated, flaked alcohol ethoxylate. This surfactant has a high melting point (55°C-65°C) and good acid and alkaline stability.  It is recommended for use as a pigment and dye dispersant, emulsion stabilizer and for use in solid block detergents.

Corrosion Inhibitors

The DeCORE series are multifunctional specialty corrosion inhibitors which find utility in the metalworking industry and in aqueous cleaners where corrosion inhibition is needed. These products provide corrosion protection on a wide variety of metals including cast iron and steel, brass, and aluminum.

Please visit our Corrosion Inhibitors page for detailed information on our DeCORE line of corrosion inhibitors.

Additional products that provide corrosion inhibition include a variety of our phosphate esters such as DePHOS 8028, amphoteric surfactants such as DeTERIC LP for acid corrosion inhibition, and DeTROPE CA-100 for aluminum corrosion inhibition.

Phosphate Esters

DePHOS P-6LF-AS is a very low foaming phosphate ester with exceptional alkali stability. Excellent hydrotrope for nonionic surfactants in highly alkaline formulations and well suited for use in metalworking and metal cleaning applications with a VOC content of only 9.7 grams/liter (ASTM E1868-10 / SQAQMD RULE 1144).

DePHOS QSA-90: A high foaming, alkaline stable phosphate ester with good detergency and wetting. Economical and recommended as an alternate to higher priced phosphate esters used in alkaline cleaners.

DePHOS 4AL is a moderate foaming phosphate ester and very well suited for metalworking products. Excels as a lubricant, corrosion inhibitor, and emulsifier and is highly effective in aluminum machining applications.

DePHOS 8028: An 80% active, potassium neutralized, multifunctional, low-to-moderate foaming phosphate ester stable in mild acid and alkaline systems. Provides multi-metal corrosion inhibition, lubricity, detergency, wetting, hydrotroping, and scale inhibition properties. Suggested for use in industrial applications including cleaners, metalworking formulations, and for down hole applications. Also available in free acid form (DePHOS 8028FA, 99% active) which allows for neutralization with amines or neutralizer of choice.

Please visit our Phosphate Ester page for additional information.

Multifunctional Hydrotropes

DePHOTROPE CAS-MF and DePHOTROPE LFW-98 are low to moderate foaming products recommended for use as hydrotropes, wetting agents, detergents and lubricants in both acid and alkaline systems. These products can be used as the sole surfactant and thereby eliminate the need for other ingredients such as hydrotropes or wetting agents.

DeTROPE SA-45 is a chlorine stable, low foaming hydrotrope that also affords wetting properties and may allow for lower use concentrations of other ingredients and surfactants in the formulation.

DeTROPE CA-100 is a low foaming hydrotrope and an excellent corrosion inhibitor for aluminum. A 90% active version, DeTROPE CA-90, is available for ease of handling.

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