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Phosphate Esters are anionic surfactants that provide multiple properties including wetting, detergency, emulsification, hydrotroping, lubrication, and corrosion inhibition. Based on aliphatic or aromatic hydrophobes, they are supplied in the acid form or as neutralized salts. Suggested for use in metalworking and metal cleaning applications, paints, coatings, inks, lubricants, transportation cleaning, agro chemicals, detergents, dispersants, and a wide variety of other industrial applications.


DePHOS Series

DePHOS 8028: Low-to-moderate foaming, multifunctional, 80% active, phosphate ester-potassium salt. Exhibits multi-metal corrosion inhibition, lubricity, detergency, wetting, hydrotroping, and scale inhibition. Stable in mild acid and alkaline systems. Suggested for use in industrial applications including cleaners, metalworking formulations, and for oilfield applications.

DePHOS 8028FAFree-acid version of DePHOS 8028. Gives the formulator flexibility in choosing a neutralizing agent or using in acid form.

DePHOS H-66-872: A 50% active phosphate ester-potassium salt. Excellent low foam hydrotrope for nonionics and anionics in acid and alkaline systems. This economical, biodegradable phosphate ester has been the formulators “go-to” hydrotrope in the industry for years.

DePHOS HP-739: An oil soluble phosphate ester with high phosphorous content. Excellent EP additive, lubricant, corrosion inhibitor, wetting agent and emulsifier in metal working applications. Becomes water soluble when neutralized with water soluble amines.

DePHOS P-6LF-AS: A virtually non-foaming, water soluble lubricant and hydrotrope with excellent alkaline stability. Outstanding hydrotrope for nonionic surfactants in highly alkaline industrial formulations such as floor, bathroom, oven, drain and all-purpose cleaners. Well suited for use in metalworking and metal cleaning applications with a VOC content of only 9.7 grams/liter (ASTM E1868-10 / SCAQMD RULE 1144). Approved for use as an inert in non-food pesticides.

DePHOS QSA-90: An economical high foaming, alkaline stable phosphate ester with good detergency and wetting. Recommended as an alternate to higher priced phosphate esters used in alkaline cleaners.

DePHOS 4AL: A low to moderate foaming phosphate ester in free acid form. Suggested for use as a lubricant, corrosion inhibitor, and emulsifier in metalworking applications. Very effective for aluminum machining applications.

DePHOS 717: A high foaming, water-soluble, aromatic phosphate ester based on NPE-9 and P2O5. It is a mixture of mono and di esters having a typical ratio of mono:di ester slightly greater than 1:1. Recommended for use as an emulsifier, detergent, and corrosion inhibitor for industrial applications including oilfield.


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