Amphoteric Surfactants

amphoteric surfactants

Amphoteric Surfactants are versatile surfactants that exhibit cationic behavior at acidic pH, anionic behavior at alkaline pH, and nonionic behavior within their isoelectric or zwitterion range. Amphoterics, also known as amphiphilic or zwitterionic surfactants, are generally used in combination with primary surfactants such as sulfates or nonionics to improve foaming properties, thickening, and cleaning performance.  Amphoteric surfactants are used in a variety of formulations and markets including HI&I, oilfield, and personal care.

Betaines possess cationic behavior in the lower pH range and are zwitterions throughout the rest of the pH range maintaining both a positive and negative charge. Betaines exhibit excellent stability across a wide pH range and are exceptional foam boosters and viscosity builders when used in combination with primary surfactants. Betaines have foam stability in hard water and are also used in wide variety of markets.

DeTERIC Series – Amphoteric Surfactants

DeTERIC LP, sodium lauriminodipropionate, CAS# 14960-06-6, is a readily biodegradable, multifunctional, high foaming amphoteric surfactant that contributes detergency, wetting, hydrotroping and emulsification properties. It’s salt-free and brine stable and can be used across a wide pH range including in strong acid and highly alkaline systems. It’s an effective acid corrosion inhibitor exhibiting excellent corrosion protection for a variety of metals (including aluminum) in hydrochloric, sulfuric, and phosphoric acids. It can be formulated into strong acid cleaners including sulfuric and oxalic acid systems. Solutions within the isoelectric range of pH ~2.4 – 4.2 may be cloudy, but will maintain high foaming properties and fast wetting.  DeTERIC LP is approved for use as an inert in non-food pesticides, and due to its mildness, can also be used in Personal Care applications.  The INCI name is sodium lauriminodipropionate.

DeTERIC CP-Na-38 is similar to DeTERIC LP with higher actives, higher foaming properties, and increased alkaline and acid stability. Readily biodegradable.

DeTERIC ODP-LF, sodium octyliminodipropionate, CAS# 94441-92-6 is a very low foaming amphoteric with excellent alkaline & acid stability. This amphoteric is a highly effective hydrotrope and recommended for use in low foaming alkaline or acid cleaners. Exhibits corrosion inhibition properties and is brine and electrolyte stable.  Approved for use as inert in non-food pesticide formulations. Zero VOCs (ASTM E-1868-10/SCAQMD Rule 1144).

DeTERIC CSP-50 is a low foam, phosphated amphoteric suggested for use in highly alkaline systems. It has the unique ability to reduce the surface tension of 50% active caustic and also maintains its very low color in this highly challenging environment.

DeTAINE PB – Cetyl Betaine

DeTAINE PB, cetyl betaine, CAS# 693-33-4, is a colorless and odorless, ethanol-free betaine producing dense foam and exhibiting unique viscosity building properties in combination with anionics such as SLS and SLES. It’s an excellent choice for high foaming acid or alkaline cleaners as well as for personal care products.  Approved for use as an inert in non-food pesticides. INCI name: Cetyl Betaine

alkyl betaine

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