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DeForest D'Limonene Emulsifiers

Our D’Limonene emulsifiers are easy-to-use to create microemulsion concentrates with excellent stability. Dilutions in water will be clear or opaque depending on your choice of emulsifier.   Additionally, clear D’Limonene gels can also be formulated without the use of difficult-to-disperse polymers.


An easy-to-use, versatile DEA-free D’Limonene emulsifier used to create clear D’Limonene concentrates that remain clear upon dilution with water. Additionally, this emulsifier will produce clear D’Limonene gels exhibiting vertical cling properties for specialty cleaning applications.

Easy-to-handle in cold temperatures and if frozen, can be thawed at room temperature without heating or mixing. Compared to our flagship emulsifier, DeMULS DLN-532CE MOD, it has equal or better performance and is more cost effective for creating D’Limonene microemulsions. Plus, it’s DEA-free. Below are several suggested starting formulations:

D’Limonene Microemulsions
(Clear Dilutions)

#IngredientFormulations (% By Weight)
2DeMULS DLN-23147.
3Tap Water88.

Procedure: Mix ingredients 1 & 2 with moderate agitation until clear.

Add half of the water and mix well. Slowly add balance of water and mix until well blended and clear.

Dilute as desired with tap water to form clear dilutions.

Clear D’Limonene Gel

#IngredientFormulation (% By Weight)
2DeMULS DLN-231435.0
3Tap Water30.0

Procedure: Combine first two ingredients and mix until will blended. Slowly add water and mix until clear. A soft gel forms.

Gel may be diluted as desired to form clear dilutions.


Our flagship d’limonene emulsier is 97% active and can be used to create clear, concentrated D’Limonene microemulsions containing as much as 50% D’Limonene. The clear concentrates can be diluted up to 32:1 with water to form clear dilutions. This emulsifier also has excellent wetting properties, is inherently biodegradable, and non-phenolic. May also serve as an effective emulsifier or solubilizer for other oils and solvents.  Note: This product contains DEA.

Clear D’Limonene Emulsions

#IngredientsFormulations (% By Weight)
2Butyl Carbitol2.
4Tap Water87.

Procedure: Mix ingredients 1 through 3 with moderate agitation until clear. Add half of the water and mix well. Slowly add the balance of water and mix until well blended and clear.

Formulations A through F can be diluted up to 32:1 with tap water and will remain clear for at least eight hours. If clarity of the dilutions is required for more than eight hours, formulations should be diluted with distilled or deionized water instead of tap water.

As with all emulsions, stability may be affected by temperature. The above emulsions should be stored at temperatures between 50°F – 90°F. If emulsions freeze, gently warm to 70°F – 80°F and mix well. Emulsions will clear.


A 100% active, cost effective emulsifier for D’Limonene and other solvents. It’s an excellent choice for developing D’Limonene microemulsion concentrates that form opaque, blooming dilutions in water. This emulsifier is biodegradable and non-phenolic. Note: This product contains DEA.

Clear D’Limonene Emulsions

#IngredientsFormulations (% By Weight)
2Butyl Carbitol5.
4EDTA Na4 (40%)
5Tap Water83.

Procedure: Add the first 3 ingredients and mix until clear and well blended. Slowly add ingredients 4 and 5 with continuous, moderate agitation. Continue mixing until product is clear and homogeneous.
These formulations are clear emulsions which form opaque, blooming emulsions when diluted with water.

Clear D’Limonene Gel Formulations

#IngredientsFormulations (% By Weight)
1Tap Water65.060.050.0
2DeMULS DLN-622EG15.017.010.0

Procedure: Add ingredients 1 through 4 in the order listed with continuous agitation until well blended. Heat mixture to 50°C – 55°C and with moderate agitation, slowly add D’Limonene, maintaining temperature. Continue blending until homogeneous and clear. The results is a clear liquid at 50°C – 55°C which will gel upon cooling.

Corrosion Resistant Economical Cleaner

#IngredientFormulation (% By Weight)
1DI Water75.0
2Trisodium Phosphate (TSP)5.0
3DeMULS DLN-622EG12.0
5DeCORE IMT-100LF3.0

Procedure: Add water and TSP; mix until homogenous. Add ingredients 3 and 4; continue mixing until well blended. Solution will be hazy and slightly viscous until addition of DeCORE IMT-100LF, our multifunctional corrosion inhibitor which also serves as a hydrotrope in this formulation. Continue mixing until clear and homogenous.

pH as-is: ~ 11

We also offer additional emulsifers for soy methyl esters, petroleum distillates, and alternative solvents such as Elevance HFS-10, HFS-12, and Omnia Solvent.   Please visit our Industrial & Institutional Products page or download the technical bulletins for DeMULS SGE-95 and DeMULS KE-75 to learn more.

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