Hydrotropes increase the solubility of surfactants and hydrophobic materials in a wide variety of formulations, particularly those containing high concentrations of alkaline builders or in acidic systems. Hydrotropes also have the ability to increase the cloud point of a surfactant solution allowing for higher temperature end-use applications. They play an essential role in the development of highly alkaline or acidic formulations and are generally required to achieve optimum formulation stability and acceptable cleaning performance over a wide temperature range.

Commonly used hydrotropes such as sodium xylene sulfonate (sxs) are monofunctional and only contribute one property.  The formulator must therefore include multiple ingredients to achieve an effective level of detergency, wetting, and emulsification for their product.  The result is a complex and oftentimes costly formulation.  To combat this problem, we have developed a line of multifunctional hydrotropes that are highly effective and also contribute wetting, detergency, and in many cases corrosion inhibition.

We offer a number of choices in hydrotrope chemistry including anionic hydrotropes, amphoteric hydrotropes, and phosphate ester hydrotropes.  All of our hydrotropes are multifunctional and suggested for use in your most challenging formulations.

DeTROPE SA-45 is a very low foaming 45% active sodium alkanoate. It’s an effective anionic hydrotrope for use in highly alkaline systems where low foam is desirable. Additionally, this hydrotrope is stable in chlorine bleach, contributes wetting properties, and is non-phenolic and readily biodegradable. It also exhibits corrosion protection on steel in neutral to mildly alkaline formulations.  Not recommended for use in acid systems.

DeTROPE CA-100 is a 100% active mixed amine carboxylate with multifunctional properties.  It’s a very efficient hydrotrope, has excellent corrosion inhibition properties, especially on aluminum, and also contributes to surface tension reduction.  Suggested for use in liquid and powdered neutral to alkaline formulations where a high cloud point and low-to-moderate, quick breaking foam is required.  For easier handling at colder temperatures, a 90% active version that remains liquid at low temperature (~35ºF-40ºF), is available as DeTROPE CA-90.  Both products are hard water stable, non-phenolic and readily biodegradable. Not recommended for use in acid systems.

DeTERIC ODP-LF is 50% active, sodium octyliminodipropionate, CAS# 94441-92-6; a versatile amphoteric hydrotrope with very low foam and excellent acid & alkaline stability. It’s also brine and electrolyte stable and exhibits corrosion inhibition properties.  Widely used in low foam spray cleaners, acid & alkaline industrial cleaners, oilfield chemicals, and metalworking products. Zero VOCs (ASTM E-1868-10/SCAQMD Rule 1144) and approved for use as inert in non-food pesticide formulations.

DeTERIC LP is a 30% active sodium lauriminodipropionate, CAS# 14960-06-6.  It’s a readily biodegradable, high foaming amphoteric surfactant with excellent hydrotrope properties. This multifunctional surfactant also contributes wetting, detergency, and emulsification and is commonly used in a wide variety of HI&I cleaning formulations including high alkaline oven cleaners and fire-fighting foam.  Due to its mildness and low toxicity, DeTERIC LP is well suited for Personal Care applications.  INCI Name: Sodium Lauriminodipropionate.

DePHOS H-66-872 is a 50% active, potassium salt of an aromatic phosphate ester. It is very low foaming with exceptional hydrotroping properties in both alkaline and acid systems. When compared to similar products in the marketplace, this hydrotrope has lower foaming properties and less odor. Additionally, phosphate esters contribute extreme pressure properties and lubricity due to the phosphorous content.

DePHOS P-6LF-AS is 100% active phosphate ester supplied in acid form.  A highly effective hydrotrope and water soluble lubricant with excellent alkaline stability. Commonly used in high alkaline cleaners including metal cleaning applications and is well suited for other industrial cleaners where little-to-no foam is required.   Low VOC content with only 9.5 grams/liter (ASTM E1868-10/SCAQMD RULE 1144) and approved for use as inert in non-food pesticides.


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