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DeForest Enterprises Metalworking Surfactants

We offer a variety of additives for use in metalworking fluids and metal cleaning applications.  These include corrosion inhibitors, phosphate esters, amphoterics, and low foam alkoxylates.  Our chemistries are generally multifunctional and will deliver several performance attributes including corrosion protection, lubricity, hydrotrope properties, emulsification, and wetting. Multifunctional products allow the formulator to reduce the overall number of ingredients in the formulation which saves time and money.

Metalworking and Metal Cleaning Additives

Phosphate Esters are anionic surfactants that provide an assortment of properties including wetting, detergency, hydrotroping, lubrication, and corrosion inhibition. Based on aliphatic or aromatic hydrophobes, they are supplied in the acid form or as neutralized salts and suggested for use in metalworking and metal cleaning formulations and other industrial cleaning applications. Please visit our Phosphate Esters page for detailed information on all of our phosphate esters.

DeCORE Corrosion Inhibitors: Depending on the specific product selected, our low foam, water-soluble carboxylates provide corrosion protection on steel, cast iron, yellow metals including copper and brass, and aluminum at pH ≥ 7. Please visit our Corrosion Inhibitor page or email us for technical assistance in selecting the appropriate corrosion inhibitor for your needs.

Amphoterics: Our amphoteric surfactants are excellent hydrotropes and can provide other properties including wetting, emulsification, and corrosion inhibition. For example, DeTERIC LP, sodium lauriminodipropionate is an effective corrosion inhibitor for steel and aluminum in strong acids such as hydrochloric or sulfuric. DeTERIC ODP-LF, sodium octyliminodipropionate is an excellent, low foam hydrotrope that may also add demulsification properties in dilute, neutral waste streams. Please visit our Amphoterics page for details on our DeTERIC product line.

Alkoxylated alcohols are well suited for metalworking and metal cleaning applications as they are generally lower foaming when compared to ethoxylated alcohols with similar HLB values. For example, DeIONIC LF-EP-25 is particularly well suited for metalworking applications due to its very low VOC content (4.6 grams/liter, ASTM E1868-10 / SCAQMD RULE 1144) as well as its unique balance of wetting, detergency, and low foam. These products are typically non-gelling when added to water and therefore much easier to use. Please visit our Nonionic Surfactants/Wetting Agents page for additional information on our unique line of alkoxylated alcohols.

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