Nonionic Surfactants & Wetting Agents

Nonionic Surfactants and Wetting Agents

Our low foam, nonionic wetting agents are based on alkoxylated alcohols. They are effective in a wide variety of applications due to their fast wetting properties combined with low foam, low dynamic surface tension, and excellent detergency. Most have low VOCs and are non-gelling when added to water. All are fluorocarbon and silicone free.

DeIONIC LF Series: Highly Effective, Low VOC Wetting Agents

Very low HLB and low foaming nonionic surfactants that deliver excellent dynamic surface tension reduction. Recommended as low VOC wetting agents in pigment dispersions, as grinding aids, and to reduce the surface tension of acid or alkaline cleaners and metalworking formulations.

DeIONIC LF-60:  A low foaming, highly lipophilic wetting agent with an HLB of ~1.6 and cloud point of ~16°C. Reduces the surface tension of water to ~28 dynes/cm at 0.1% by weight and exhibits a Draves Wetting time of only two (2) seconds. Recommended for use in paints and coatings, inks and graphic arts, adhesives, and acid or alkaline cleaners.

DeIONIC LF-80MOD: A unique, modified alkoxylated alcohol delivering multifunctional characteristics including excellent dynamic surface tension reduction, wetting and very low foam.  HLB ~1.6 and cloud point ~16°C.

DeIONIC 100-VLF: Low Foaming/Defoaming Wetting Agent

DeIONIC 100-VLF:  A virtually non-foaming wetting agent with properties similar to DeIONIC LF-60. Extremely lipophilic with an HLB of 1.4 and cloud point ~0°C. This unique nonionic surfactant exhibits dual functionality as a wetting agent and defoamer. Dynamic surface tension reductions as low as ~28 dynes/cm can be achieved with as little as 0.1% by weight. Draves Wetting times are instantaneous. Suggested for use as a wetting and dispersing agent in paints and coatings, inks and graphic arts, and adhesives.

DeIONIC LF-EP Series: Low Foam Wetting Agents & Detergents

Alkoxylated alcohols offering excellent wetting, low foam, and cloud points ranging from 15°C – 61°C. Recommended as alternatives to standard linear alcohol ethoxylates in formulations across a wide pH range affording faster wetting, lower foam, and detergency.  Excellent stability in alkaline and acid systems including on dry caustic and in the presence of electrolytes. Highly effective detergents and wetting agents when applied at temperatures near their cloud points, and optimum performance is generally achieved ~5°C below their cloud points. Recommended for use in low foaming, alkaline and acid high pressure cleaners, mechanical dishwashing formulations, metal cleaning, bottle washing compounds, textile wetting and scouring, agriculture sprays, laundry detergents and metal working applications. Approved for use as an inert in non-food pesticide applications and approved under 40CFR180.910 and 40CFR180.930.


DeIONIC LF-EP-15:  HLB ~6.0, cloud point ~15°C

DeIONIC LF-EP-25:  HLB ~7.0, cloud point ~25°C
Very low VOC content (4.6 grams/liter, ASTM E1868-10 / SCAQMD RULE 1144)

DeIONIC LF-EP-40:  HLB ~8.5, cloud point ~40°C

DeIONIC LF-EP-61:  HLB ~11.7, cloud point ~61°C


DeIONIC C-18: High Melting Point Ethoxylated Alcohol

DeIONIC C-18 is a 100% active, high melting point (58°C), mixed chain length alcohol ethoxylate suggested for use in solid or block formulations, water based lubricants, and dry blended detergents. Approved for use as inert in non-food pesticides and approved for use under 40CFR180.910, 180.930, 180.940 and 180.960.

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