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DeForest Low Foaming Surfactants

The DeTERGE products are multifuntional, low foam surfactants based on carboxylate and amphoteric chemistry.  They are easy-to-use and will serve as the primary surfactant in formulations containing high levels of caustic and alkaline electrolytes.  DeTERGE LF-7315 and DeTERGE AN-508LF are also stable in acids and DeTERGE CS-45LF is chlorine stable.  These surfactants are approximately 50% active, low foaming, and have excellent wetting properties.  They are inherently biodegradable, non-phenolic and phosphate free.

DeTERGE LF-28 and DeTERGE LF-531

Easy-to-use, low foam, alkaline stable surfactants:

DeTERGE LF-28 can be formulated into cleaners containing up to 10% active NaOHand alkaline electrolytes. At a 1% concentration in 10% caustic, DeTERGE LF-28 produces zero foam, has a surface tension of ~29 dynes/cm, and a Draves Wetting time of 20 seconds. Not recommended for use in systems containing more than 5% trisodium phosphate. For use in alkaline systems only.

DeTERGE LF-531 is low foam detergent, hydrotrope, and wetting agent for use in formulations containing up to ~25% active NaOH.  Rapid wetting properties can be achieved without the addition of expensive, fluorinated components.  For example, a solution of 1% by weight DeTERGE LF-531 in 20% active caustic has an “instantaneous” Draves Wetting time and surface tension of ~28 dynes/cm via drop weight tensiometry.   Formulating with DeTERGE LF-531 in High Alkaline Systems.


An excellent choice for systems containing as much as 30-40% active NaOH. At 1% by weight in 30% active NaOH, it reduces the surface tension to ~36 dynes/cm and exhibits a Draves Wetting time of 36 seconds. It’s a highly effective hydrotrope for nonionic surfactants in high caustic systems, although not recommended for use in more than 5% sodium metasilicate or trisodium phosphate.  DeTERGE LF-7315 is also stable in a variety of strong acids.  Formulating with DeTERGE LF-7315 in Acid Systems.


A complex amphoteric surfactant for use in both alkaline and acid systems. It has good detergency and wetting properties and is suggested for use in low to moderate foaming alkaline and acid cleaners. Stable in up to 35% active KOH.


Very low foaming, chlorine-bleach stable, anionic surfactants recommended for use in various applications where low foam and chlorine stability are required. Exhibits detergency and wetting along with excellent hard water stability. Product is inherently biodegradable and is recommended for use in alkaline chlorinated cleaners.   Not stable in acids.

New Bulletin: DeForest’s Chlorine-Bleach Stable Surfactant List


A fast wetting, low foam amphoteric surfactant recommended to reduce the surface tension of 50% active caustic soda or 45% active caustic potash. Produces low, quick breaking foam, provides detergency, wetting, and surface tension reduction. DeTERIC CSP-50 is recommended for highly alkaline CIP cleaners as it maintains good color stability in strong caustic formulations, is hard water stable, and inherently biodegradable.

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